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Does the clutch and gear lever confuse you?

My superb new  book / eBook: “Clutch Control & Gears Explained - An Essential Guide to Learning How to Drive and Passing the Practical Driving Test”,  explains the clutch and gears (stick shift) in detail will solve all your problems – Guaranteed!  And all for less than half the price of a single driving lesson!

Driving consists of 2 main elements:

Control  -  the ability to put the vehicle where you want it, &

Road Procedure  -  knowing where to put it + use of mirrors/observations and other theoretical knowledge.

Obviously both elements are equally important but most driving books concentrate on ‘road procedure’ with very little consideration on ‘control’.

Certainly in order to become adequate at control it has to be practiced – this can’t be denied. But a good clear understanding of the controls in particularly the clutch and gears will speed up the learning process considerably.

This guide deals only with control and as such is applicable to every country worldwide as ‘road procedure’ varies from country to country, but ‘control’ is the same everywhere!

Items covered in detail are:

  • How the clutch works (with diagrams) and how to use it correctly;
  • Moving Off, Stopping and Clutch Control (on all gradients);
  • The gears (stick shift) explained in detail (with diagrams);
  • When, why and how to change gear in all circumstances;
  • Changing from 2nd – 1st Uphill to gain Clutch Control at junctions etc;
  • Plus much, much more.

So how do I know so much?

I can confidently say that NO-ONE knows more about the driving school industry than me. (I’ve no doubt that there may some people out there who know as much as me, but I am confident that no-one knows more)!

I qualified as an ADI in 1973 and started my own school in Sheffield, which I built up from one car to one of the largest, most respected and most profitable schools on South Yorkshire. During this period I also achieved grade 6 status (highest) as an instructor. I was also the initiator and proprietor of ADI Services (driving school suppliers).

After just over 30 years in the driving school business, I sold the school which is still running very successfully. I am now semi retired and no longer give personal tuition.

I am 100% confidant that the information and techniques in my guide will help any learner driver considerably as they have done to countless personal pupils of mine of the last 30 odd years. But if you are not happy, you can have a full no questions asked refund.


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Clutch Control & Gears Explained

An Essential Guide to Learning How to Drive and Passing the Practical Driving Test!

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Clutch Control and Gears Explained - jpeg
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