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Go for it -

“One of the best books I’ve read on driving. Details clearly how to control the clutch.” - 5 Star Rating *****

Clutch, gears and so much more -

“A great little book that tells you all you need to know about gear changes for every driving eventuality. The section on clutch control at junctions when accompanied with the basic technical explanation of how the gears and clutch work was something of a lightbulb moment for me.

The author has a very personable style of writing and you feel that he genuinely wants to pass this information onto you for your own good.

Although I found this book incredibly helpful, it was probably the free bonus book Use Your Mind to Learn How to Drive that made most difference to my driving on test day. The author's insight into the conditions and perceptions that affect the driver's success on test day is something all learners would find invaluable. Even better is how you can overcome obstacles to your success using the subconscious mind. As well as exercises in the book, there are free audio file downloads to help you achieve this.

Having passed my test on first attempt with a minimum of nerves, and having been awakened to the powers of the subconscious mind, I couldn't recommend this book highly enough. This book is a small investment with a huge return: buy it.”  - 5 Star Rating *****

Five Stars

“Every driver instructor needs to get it.”  - 5 Star Rating *****

Recommended this guide

“Great book and has really helped with learning to drive a manual vehicle.” - 5 Star Rating *****

Friendly and informative book -

“I learned a lot in this book which made certain aspects of driving make more sense. It was written succinctly but with a friendly voice and made me feel interested and at ease enough to take in information. Worth reading when you start driving.” - 5 Star Rating *****

Saves the cost of several lessons!!! -  

“Absolutely brilliant book. Was really having trouble understanding clutch & gears and the why's behind it. This cleared everything up for me.” - 5 Star Rating *****

Clutch Control and Gears Explained.... Cheers! -

“Great... thx!.... if you appreciate the law of thermodynamics, chaos theory and the theory of relativity.... you will appreciate this book!

Yes... well writed and explained... will help you have sympathy for your car and better use and handling for care of your vehicle and road landscape and layout and under different conditions of weather... just learning whilst doing my advance driving course, making better understanding of what is going on and how thing affect...

A good read written in all good understanding and in humor...! great author took time to write on this subject....

Would recommend to all car owners and those who love driving... please give your car tlc... have fun learning and then get glimpsesof how others drive with the knowlege in this book... after putting in to practice.... be a better driver... Enjoy!” - 5 Star Rating *****

Mechanics Explained -

“I actually got my driver's licence just before I bought this book. I want to prove my driving silks. Nobody explained the mechanics behind the gear changing before. This book did. I think I have better understanding of the cars after reading this book. I also emailed the author for some questions and he immediately replied me with explanation.”

5 Star Rating *****

And from Ebay

Top Ebayer A***** well worth the money would definitely buy other item's again