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Being involved in an accident is stressful to say the least. But obtaining the correct information can make the difference between losing your ‘fault free’ status or not which could considerably affect future insurance premiums.

There’s no point in arguing with the other party, just:

  • Gather the right information (as on the form);
  • Take photos of the aftermath (including signs and road markings) if possible;
  • Take note of any CC-TV cameras in the vicinity which could help your claim;
  • Take a Google overhead shot of the area when you get home and make a scaled diagram of before and after the event;
  • Contact your insurance company.

My accident report form is free for everyone. Download it and put a copy in your glove box. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but you might just be glad of it!

More sensible advice for new or inexperienced drivers is available in my low cost guide “The New Driver’s Handbook - An Essential Guide to Buying, Selling, Financing, Insuring and Driving Your Car” . This could make an excellent gift for a newly qualified driver!

Free Accident Report Form