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“Congratulations on a fantastic guide written by someone who clearly is not only well informed but also motivational to encourage readers to regain their self belief which society bludgeons out of us all! A really good and informative read. Thank you.” - Buyer: Mike Kent


Easy to read and review - A great help

“Martin's book gives you a very honest guide to setting up in business on your own. He clearly points out the positives and negatives. I've read a number of self help books from some well known entrepreneurs and I can honestly say that Martin's book cuts to the chase being very honest, it's easy to read and an excellent book to refer to. The book actually gives you tangible easy to understand building blocks to setting up rather than lots of general information like some other books. Recommended.” Geoff Russ

5 Star Google play  *****


Great Book Full of Useful Advice

“I purchased this book and read it in one sitting. I found it both inspirational and informative with lots of useful advice on starting up your own business. The section on tax was of particular interest.

I liked Martin's simple explanations and no nonsense style. Excellent!”

5 Star Rating Kindle *****


Good advice from across the pond -

“In my career, I look mostly at how writers and other creative entrepreneurs can carve out a living. I honestly rarely look outside of artistic fields to see how other people create their own living.

Woodward provides a comprehensive guide to starting a profitable business, including the type of "unearned income" that I as a writer earn. He makes a distinction between service (from a service performed by a person) and sales (proceeds from a product the person offers) occupations. He's extremely frank about his own past failures and successes, offering up advice for avoiding his past mistakes.

Really, the only parts of the book that I didn't find useful were the sections dealing with UK taxes and VAT. As an American, it didn't speak directly to me, but I'm sure it would be valuable to readers in the UK and Europe.”

Laura Finger, author of Write Smarter, Earn More: Leveraging Low- Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Into a Successful Career.

4 Star Rating Kindle ****

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