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Profitable Self Employment - graphic 1

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Profitable Self Employment - graphic 1

Are you:

  • Sick of being made redundant or having this threat constantly hanging over you?
  • Unemployed without qualifications?
  • Sick of bowing and scraping to overpaid hierarchy who are full of their own self importance?
  • Underpaid and overworked?
  • Fed up with the profits from your hard work lining someone else’s pockets?
  • Disillusioned with ‘airy fairy’ business plans that simply don’t work?
  • Sick of writing CV’s and then having to suffer the humiliation of interviews and rejections?

If so self employment could be for you!

I have no qualifications and have been self employed for 44 years and survived numerous recessions. That’s right that makes me and ‘old git’! But one with a lifetime of knowledge and valuable advice.

My guide explains everything you need to know about being self employed including:

  • Choosing your business;
  • Why 2/3rds fail in the first year;
  • The perfect product, yielding 100% gross profit;
  • Working from home;
  • Your belief zone;
  • Working abroad (I’ve done that too);
  • Gross profits/net profits/mark ups etc;
  • Examples of failures/successes and why;
  • Advertising;
  • Income Tax/Vat/Capital gains tax;
  • Pensions – plus much, much more!!!

If you have few or no qualifications, you either have to spend a lifetime in menial employment - if you're lucky - or become self employed and create your own success! Every business involves a certain risk element. But the valuable information given herein will help you ensure that any risk is 'calculated' and not pure 'speculation'.

The contents of this book have been written with a lifetime of experience by someone who has not only survived, but prospered during several recessions in a number of different occupations, mainly requiring no qualifications.

Also included are Several FREE Bonus Items including:

  • 6 x 30 minute powerful mp3 recordings guaranteed unavailable elsewhere;
  • Free Links to 5 of the most powerful inspirational books ever written.

In fact if you read and absorb all of this information, you would find it more difficult to fail than succeed, regardless of your current financial or educational circumstances.


A Guide to Profitable Self Employment
Never be redundant again!

Profitable Self Employment - graphic 1

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