Here’s a few testimonials from Amazon and Ebay

Hello there Martin. I recently purchased 'Use your mind to learn how to drive' for my Kindle...amazing by the way! I believe it will help me achieve my driving licence. I would love to download the audio file but I am having problems with the address given in the book.

You're an inspiration and could teach my driving instructor a thing or too ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you. Julie x

Download address sent to Julie (she missed the underscore!)


Excellent Book - 5 stars ***** (Verified Purchase)

I found this to be a little treasure, not only has it helped with my anxiety during driving lessons and upcoming test, but it has boosted my confidence in all areas of my life. A big thankful to the writer!


Fantastic buy! - 5 stars *****  (Verified Purchase)

Bought this book last year and didn't read it properly until this year and I'm so glad I did. I have taken 8 tests and I read this book and listened to the downloads and I passed yesterday on the 9th time. Before the test I was only a little nervous as well. I'm going to continue listening to it as I feel it's going to help me as a new driver.


Hi Martin

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!  I passed my test yesterday on the ninth attempt after reading your book and listening to the download.  Have left a review on Amazon.  I'm still in a state of disbelief and I nearly lost my voice yesterday as I told so many people.  This will be life-changing for me and my kids.

I dread cyclists and buses and didn't come across a single one on my test and my test time was 11:41 :) Also, I felt I would have liked a lady examiner and I got one.  Before the test I was only a little bit nervous.  I'm hoping if I keep listening to the download and reading the book it will help me as a new driver as I am a bit scared to be honest.

Thank you again.  I am sending you a big virtual hug.

Best wishes



Hi Martin I'm an ADI and would like to thank you for your experience as an ADI.

I've read most of your books and was extremely entertained with all. There is not one dull moment in your text. -  Margaret Macmillan


Very good material makes a lot of sense. Glad I purchased the product.